Overall viewLocation:  Salisbury, MD

Model:  CWC-108S– 10,000 BPH

8′ x 8′ x  23′-7″ with 45° slopes.  Includes 3′ of additional height in the upper garner.

Other Features:
Automatic Test Weight Lifting Equipment
(3) 200 lb. State certified NIST Class “F” cast iron test weights with NVLAP traceability
Paint Upgrade to Epoxy + 3’.  This system is particularly recommended for Port locations with exposure to salt. Preparation includes bare metal Sp-6 commercial blast preparation with Zinc rich primer and epoxy top finish.
¼” Urethane metal backed liners in all (3) hopper cones and gate hogbacks
14” square lower garner discharge gate with rack & pinion, position potentiometer & double Solenoid for precision gate control.
Service Platforms on 1st, 2nd floor and top level with 15’ galvanized ladder with cage from ground floor to first level platform.
Replace standard roof manhole with P4 door
Added a 25″ diameter ventilation stub in roof of upper garner with rolled angle flange.
Certified and stamped engineering drawings


Control Equipment:
DWC-400 bulk weighing control system

PLC Integration enables the DWC-400 to be remotely controlled from a PLC. Provides comprehensive data on status of the scale. Scale will be animated on the automation system to leading HMI programs like Wonderware.
Allen Bradley Ethernet IP Communication Protocol .