60K – Waverly, IL

Rail circle track in Waverly, Illinois

CWC-612S – 60,000 BPH

12′ x 12′ x 34′- 3″ including 4′ of extended Upper Garner

Other Supplied Equipment:
Over the track tower
Telescoping load out spout
60,000 BPH stainless steel cross-cut sampler

Control Equipment:
GMS-4000 bulkweighing control system
SmartTech automatic scale diagnostics

Other Systems:
Elevator Automation
Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC
SmartRead RF tag system
SmartLoad continuous weighing
GMS-Truck scale and grading system
SmartLink accounting system interface

This is one of the five circle track systems that we recently installed in Illinois. We provided our 60,000 BPH scale, which with 4′ of additional Upper Garner space has a height of only 34′-3″.

The customer upgraded our standard system by including:

  • 4-sided third tier platform at top of scale
  • ¼” urethane expanded backed liners in all three hoppers
  • Electric driven crosscut 60,000 BPH sampler. Transfer unit moves product to a secondary cutting process, where sample is reduced to required size. Remaining grain is returned to the product flow
  • 34″ square lower hopper hydraulic gate with percentage open control
  • Special hydraulically controlled load out spout that telescopes in and out of the rail car hatches and pivots out of the way between cars. Fully lined with ¼” EMBU.

The scale is controlled by the state of the art GMS-4000 controller including:

  • SmartTech that automatically monitors the scale for correct operation
  • SmartLoad that ensures that the scale continues to run while a new car is positioned under the spout, and
  • SmartRead that automatically reads the rail cars and calculates the optimum amount to load into each car.

In addition to the rail load out system the customer also purchased our GMS-Truck system including:

Truck Weighing and Official Grading

Our OTP-3000 Outside Ticket Printer is positioned ahead of the scale so that the driver can collect his ticket while remaining in his truck

Wizard Reporting allows the manager to design custom reports without any programming skills

Completed truck transactions are sent to their accounting system using our SmartLink accounting system interface saving time and eliminating clerical errors

The company also installed our Elevator Automation system that runs on the Rail Load Out computer to control all the key elevator equipment. A second workstation is located at the Dump pit and handles the inbound truck traffic. Unique to the system is our automated computer routines that optimize the route from the dump pits to the designated bins after allowing for what equipment is already being used by other operators.