Data Management

The Grain Management System (GMS) handles all your grain data and control systems. It is totally modular in design and can be expanded to handle all aspects of weighing, grading, inventory, blending, reporting, integration to accounting and even complete control of all plant equipment.

The top of the line bulk weighing controller with integration to all grain accounting systems and Smart Options.

gms_truck_smGMS Truck/Track
The Industry standard for platform scale weighing and grading. Integrates to all accounting systems.

The low cost bulk and process weighing solution with the benefit of the most powerful and easy to use GMS user interface.

gms_inventory_smGMS Inventory
Throw out your manual Bin Board and start managing I.P. and optimizing your blending.

prd_GMS_PC_smGMS Industrial Computer
Heavy duty computer that takes the beating of grain facilities.

Outside truck ticket printer that only take 10 seconds to print ticket.

smartread_smSmart Options
Leverage your GMS system with state of the art modules that separate GMS for all the other systems.

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