GMS-400 New Monitor with SmartTech ScreenYour 24 by 7 bulk weighing watchdog!

SmartTech offers the following benefits:

  • Monitors 40 things that can go wrong with your scale
  • Tells you that there’s a problem before it gets serious
  • Tells you where the problem is
  • Then tells you how to fix it
  • Reduces downtime, potentially saving a unit train bonus
  • Eliminates unnecessary scale service calls

What’s the problem?

  • No one can afford to lose a $10,000 unit train bonus.
  • Bulkweighing scales are complicated devices and when they stop you need a help immediately.

How does SmartTech fix the Problem?

prd_smarttech_03SmartTech constantly monitors 40 items on the scale to ensure that everything is working correctly.

  • It checks that instructions sent out by the CD-4000 controller are carried out on the scale.
  • It verifies that inputs from the scale are received when they should be.
  • It checks that both field and control power are working properly.
  • It checks that the trim limit switch on the weigh hopper feed gate is set in the optimum position.

If there’s a problem, an alarm instantly appears on the screen.

prd_smarttech_04Press the F11 key for more information. You will see a graphical display of the scale and the opto box.

  • The scale picture shows where the problem is.
  • While the opto box shows the lights that are on, just as if you looked inside the SmartTech opto box.

What’s the problem?

  • We have told the weigh hopper discharge gate to open, and the solenoid says that it’s trying to open.
  • The WH close limit switch says the gate is open but . . .
  • The weight in the scale is not changing

We have a problem. Actually we probably have two problems!

prd_smarttech_05How do we fix them?
Press F1 for Help and follow the instructions.

  • Why does the close limit switch say that the gate is open but the weight is stable?
    • The limit switch is improperly wired, or
    • Limit switch is not quite in the right position.
  • Why isn’t the gate opening?
    • Object stuck in gate?
    • No hydraulic power?
    • Broken solenoid?
    • Broken gate clevis pin?

Bottom Line – SmartTech diagnoses the problem and then tells you how to fix it

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