Elevator Automation

Complete Integration of Scales and Equipment Control
The leader in Automation for Grain Truck Receiving & Rail Load Out


You can’t afford not to automate because:

  • Rail Load Out systems start at just $25,000 – including the PLC and Enclosure!
  • We can reduce your costs and increase safety
    • Only 2 persons required to load out a unit train, and in less time
    • Safer operation because all equipment is being continuously monitored
    • Data entry is eliminated
  • Control of all key equipment
    • Material Handling equipment including legs, belts, drags, gates, distributors and fans
    • Hazard Monitoring equipment including the new digital SmartWatch system
    • Gate Control systems including SmartGate, the first intelligent self adjusting gate
    • Bin Level including ultrasonic, radar, capacitance and SmartBob
  • Complete integration to GMS Data Management Systems
    • Prevents mixing of products
    • Bin quality and optimum blending shown in ‘real time’
    • Automatic transfer of data to accounting
    • Full integration of scales with all the other equipment
  • We only use the best equipment
    • Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs
    • UL enclosures approved for wiring and construction methods
    • Wonderware InTouch – the World’s leading HMI Control system
    • Industrial Computers not office PCs

prd_hmi_02CompuWeigh’s Automation Systems run on Industrial computers communicating to the PLC Control System. A typical automation system consists of:

  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the software program that graphically displays the equipment that the operator monitors and controls. CompuWeigh’s preference is Wonderware InTouch, which is the World’s leading HMI system. Because we install so many of these systems, we are able to provide custom solutions using our library of pre-tested ‘intelligent’ objects. This dramatically reduces programming time, long startups and eliminates software bugs that are so prevalent with other systems.
  • prd_hmi_03PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a specially designed computer for use PLC in industrial environments that interfaces to the equipment and field devices. A PLC system consists of a processor, communications modules and I/O modules. CompuWeigh uses the latest PLC technology from industry leaders like Allen Bradley’s ControlLogix and CompactLogix. We mount the PLCs in steel enclosures where I/O modules are pre-wired to terminal strips for easy connection of the field devices by the electrical contractor. Our control cabinets are built at our factory and are UL approved for wiring and construction methods.
  • CompuWeigh’s Industrial Computer is a specially designed workhorse for harsh environments and has a number of advantages over a standard PC including, shock mount suspension, heavy-duty fan, filtered air supply and lockable access door in an Industrial UL listed steel enclosure. A unique benefit is that the GMS-4000 bulkweighing computer can simultaneously run the HMI application. This eliminates a whole computer system from the normally cramped Control Room.

Typical Applications

  • High Speed Rail Load out
  • High Speed Rail Receiving
  • Truck Receiving and Load Out Systems
  • Blending and Processing
  • Barge and Ship Loading
  • Integration of Gate Control, Hazard and other Systems

Standard System Features

  • Customized Wonderware InTouch application with runtime license. Main graphics page with ‘popup’ screens for start/stop equipment, open/close gates, system alarms and setting equipment parameters
  • Allen Bradley Logix PLC processor with Ethernet and I/O modules in UL approved enclosure
  • Software for integration to GMS for handling transactions, bin and product information

Popular Options

  • SmartWatch Hazard Monitoring
  • Multiple Workstations
  • Automatic Bin/Path Setup
  • SmartGate Gate Control System
  • Gate Control Cabinets
  • Additional System Integration

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