Support and Maintenance

All Equipment supplied by CompuWeigh is guaranteed for one year from date of shipment against material defects.  During this time, any part that should fail will be shipped free of charge via normal UPS ground.  Expedited shipping is available at an additional expense.

CD-4000 & DWC-400 Bulk Weigh Controllers have free lifetime phone support from CompuWeigh during standard business hours (7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. central time).  After Hours Support is available at a rate of $750 per year (per controller) and must be signed up for ahead of time.  There is no way to contact CompuWeigh during off-hours without an access code or to pay for support by the hour.

After Hours Technical Phone Support (nights and weekends) is also available at an additional charge.  Here is how the After Hours Technical Phone Support plan works:

A special four digit access code is provided ahead of time that must be entered into the CompuWeigh automated phone system (203-262-9400 x 2).  Once entered, the phone system automatically connects to a CompuWeigh trained engineer.  If the call is not picked up immediately a CompuWeigh engineer will call back within 60 minutes of receiving the call.  The engineer will provide:

  • Over the phone troubleshooting, which is often enough to solve the problem.
  • A computer network connection will be made to provide an in-depth repair/assessment if required for any GMS/ iGMS Workstation support.

CompuWeigh cannot support customers unless they have a network connection (GMS/iGMS Workstation) with TeamViewer (preferred), LogMeIn, etc. installed.

CompuWeigh requires the ability to transfer files to and from GMS/iGMS workstations and have the ability to perform certain administrative actions on computers running GMS/iGMS (customer’s IT employee could perform those administrative actions on behalf of our support team following their instructions).  If using FTP or a shared network location for data exchange with the accounting system, CompuWeigh will need read-write access permission to that FTP site (or a network share) to browse those locations, to create and open files from them.

For those customers utilizing the SmartRead/SmartCar Railcar Database, quarterly updates will be sent to customers as long as an active Support Plan with CompuWeigh is in effect.

Our After Hours Technical Support Engineers are only reachable and authorized to help those customers who are on the After Hours Technical Support list.  You will not be able to reach these engineers if you are not already signed up for After Hours Technical Support prior to your call..

After Hours Support is for emergency calls only.  General inquiries, configuration questions, etc. are to be addressed during Standard Support Hours (7:00 am to 4:30 pm central standard time).

All Support Plans are valid for one year.  Unless the customer contacts CompuWeigh to cancel the Support Agreement before renewal is due, the plan will automatically renew for another year on the same terms.  An invoice will be sent and is expected to be paid upon receipt.

TeamViewer 15 download for Support (External Site)
TeamViewer 15 Full
TeamViewer 15 Host