For over 30 years, CompuWeigh Corporation has been the leading Weighing Control and Automation Company in the Grain Industry. We are an innovative-driven company providing state-of-the-art bulk weighing scales, computerized weighing control systems, RFID automation systems for trucks & railcars, PLC/HMI facility automation and Enterprise Logistics for tracking rail and barge traffic across the U.S.

CompuWeigh customers include the Top Agricultural producers in the US who use our equipment both nationwide and all over the world. Today, over 70% of all grain weighed in the U.S. is processed through our series of weighing control systems including 90% of all Export Terminals that demand 24/7 reliability.

We recognize that our employees are our key asset and reward them appropriately with attractive competitive salaries, excellent benefit packages, generous 401K plans and yearly bonuses based on individual performance and overall company growth.

CompuWeigh is committed to equal opportunities in all parts of our business. Our policy is to recruit, train and retain the best people in the industry and customize the job to fit their special skills.

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