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cwcOffice2CompuWeigh was incorporated in 1978 when it introduced the first computerized legal-for-trade bulkweighing system for the grain industry. Since then CompuWeigh has remained the dominant player in scale control for the grain industry by providing more than 60% of all the bulkweighing control systems in the U.S. In the last two years CompuWeigh has added a full range of bulk weighing hopper scales sized from 0.5 to 3,500 tons/hour.

CompuWeigh provides a comprehensive Windows based data management system called the Grain Management System® (GMS) that integrates weighing, grading and inventory management with customers’ accounting systems.

CompuWeigh has an Automation Division that specializes in automating grain, feed and fertilizer facilities by using PLCs and HMI systems, like Wonderware. The company also offers a number of specially developed components like SmartGate and SmartWatch that provide integrated low cost solutions for controlling gates and monitoring bearing temperatures.

Some of our “Firsts”


Smart HubSmartHub provides centralized point of integration across multiple facilities running iGMS to the company’s back-end accounting and/or ERP systems.


Lightning Bolt SmartPage Radio Custom DDG ScreenSmartPage provides facilities with the ability to notify plant personnel after a truck has checked in at the first point of contact.


smarttouchfromtopleft1 SmartTouch touch-screen data collection terminal allows drivers to process transactions (enter load order number, etc.), as well as answer questions in regard to compliance with FSMA regulations or other site-specific transactional questions.  The built-in web camera included with the SmartTalk option allows a picture of the driver to be stored with the transaction record.


SmartTime Page 1 Edited timeSmartTime scans RF tags as trucks enter a facility with the goal being to record the actual time the truck enters the facility.  Provides real data to iGMS allowing it to compute the current wait time at the elevator and can be posted to customer’s website.

OutboundScreenCompuWeigh launches iGMS its revolutionary browser based system for weighing and grading trucks, rail cars and barges. Any low powered computer with a browser can run the system, eliminating expensive computers and support.

Automatic Blending for Inventory is a unique tool that maximizes profits by computing the most profitable way to blend out of multiple bins using sophisticated methods of Non-Linear Programming.

multiScaleMultiple Scale Control uniquely allows multiple bulk weigh scales to work in unison on single order by combining scales into a single group.

SmartTruck_SmartTechSmartTech now expanded to perform automatic self-diagnostics on SmartTruck equipment to ensure that it is working properly.
CompuWeigh introduces SmartLane which in real time sends trucks to the dump pit with shortest line.

InventoryReleased a third generation of Web based Inventory System that is optimized for Grain Export Houses as well as Inland Terminals.

PitScreenSmartPit introduced that verifies that trucks are at the correct pit before being allowed to dump.

ProbeScreen4SmartChoice system automatically directs inbound trucks to a specific dump pit based on a truck’s commodity and grade factors.

AWMSAWMS (Automated Weights Management System) approved by Government which reduces the number of Government Officials required to export grain. Only system that doesn’t require installing expensive redundant I/O.

SmartBlockSecond generation of the SmartBlock desktop RF reader for Gen II RFID tags. Features a tough aluminum body and Ethernet connectivity for easy access from anywhere.

OTP-4600OTP-4600 heavy duty outside ticket printer introduced that provides up to 6,000 tickets off one roll of paper.


SmartCardCompuWeigh introduces the SmartScan Driver’s License Reader. This is the only system available that reads all U.S. drivers’ licenses in one swipe. SmartScan allows driver information to be printed on the ticket and saved with the transaction.

SmartCardCompuWeigh introduces SmartCard Dispenser & Collector that issue and collect credit card sized RF tags so they can be reused.


SmartTalkCompuWeigh introduces SmartTalk the first high quality intercom system that provides crystal clear conversation by eliminating truck engine noise.

h2006aCompuWeigh introduces its web-based Logistics System for the Grain Industry. For the first time Logistics staff can see from any computer the location of their rail cars and barges in close to real-time. When used with CompuWeigh’s Grain Management System® actual weights and grades of the barges and rail cars can also be viewed. System includes EDI management with the Railroads.

h2006bCompuWeigh introduces its web-based Inventory System that replaces the typical elevator bin board while providing senior management with the ability to review inventory positions across multiple locations and to manage I.P. throughout the organization.

h2005cCompuWeigh introduces SmartTruck which leverages the new inexpensive Wal-Mart Gen2 RF tags, Internet audio/video cameras, electronic display boards and outside printers to fully automate truck receiving and shipping.

h2004bCompuWeigh introduces SmartPlay a breakthrough product that allows a Manager to run a movie in slow motion on any previous bulkweighing scale order to investigate problems. All information, including scale animation, SmartTech alarms, Opto box lights and transaction information are shown exactly the same as on the original order..

h2004CompuWeigh Automation introduces Smart Read II, a major upgrade to the original SmartRead product. For the first time, wheel sensors are incorporated into the system so that even cars with missing RF tags are recognized. SmartRead II allows the RF frequency to be set programmatically so that multiple readers, or other systems using RF, can all work in the same area. The signal power can be tuned on site to ensure that the signal strength is optimized for accurate tag reading without picking up cars on other tracks.

h2003CompuWeigh Automation introduces SmartWatch the first totally digital hazard monitoring system that provides differential temperature rather then preset temperatures. This provides much more accurate alarms. Like SmartGate it uses a network topology that dramatically reduces the amount of wiring and time required to install the system.

h2002CompuWeigh Automation introduces SmartGate, the first intelligen’ gate that automatically corrects its position if it drifts from its required position. System provides markedly improved results for customers, like flour mills, that require accurate and consistent blends. Network topology significantly reduces installation costs for both new and retrofit applications.

h2001CompuWeigh introduces the Compudraft® CD-4000 controller, the fastest, most accurate bulkweighing controller on the market. Accuracy is to within one bushel of target weight (but is typically within 10 lbs), allowing cars to be loaded to their full load limit. The CD-4000 loads a unit train in about an hour less that our previous controller.

h2000CompuWeigh introduces Super SmartLoad which automatically starts the bulkweighing scale before the next rail car is in position Typically this option reduces unit rail load time out by an hour.

h1999Introduces SmartTech the first and only automatic bulk scale diagnostic system. It monitors over 40 potential scale problems and shows the operator on the screen what the problem is, where it is located and how to fix it.

h1996CompuWeigh introduces SmartRead, the first automatic identification of grain rail cars from their RF tags. A sister product, the SmartCar database contains all the grain cars in North America allowing CompuWeigh to automatically calculate the optimum amount to load into each rail car. The system has become the standard that competitors have emulated.

h1995CompuWeigh launches CompuWeigh Automation to provide facility automation – allowing customers to truly enjoy one-stop-shopping. Capabilities range from simple start/stop control to fully automated multi-scale ship/receive systems. Whether the facility is new or a retrofit, CompuWeigh Automation provides the necessary technology to improve the process and to reduce manpower.Unlike other systems, the scales are completely integrated into the system.CompuWeigh Automation now accounts for 30% of CompuWeigh’s total sales.

h1994CompuWeigh introduces the Grain Management System® (GMS), the first “Windows” based N.T.E.P. approved system for weighing on both platform and bulkweighing scales. Over the years this system has been greatly expanded to include, multiple scales running on one computer, grading, inventory management, accounting interface and integration to plant automation.

h1988CompuWeigh introduces an N.T.E.P. approved legal-for-trade Process Hopper Scale, with hopper sizes ranging from 2.5 cu ft. – 10 cu ft. (now expanded to include 15 and 20 cu. ft), offering cost-effective technology to worldwide markets for low volume (0.5 to 90 tons/hour) in-process applications. Scales handle a variety of bulk materials including grains, flours, beans, salt, plastics and cement. Complete system is pre-assembled and tested before shipment. The customer only needs to supply air and AC power to get the system running.

h1985CompuWeigh introduces the Compudraft® 2000, a controller with no-moving-parts It immediately sets a new standard for accuracy and reliability at half the price of competitive products. More than a thousand grain elevators and 85% of all U.S. export grain elevators installed this controller.

h1981CompuWeigh introduces the first totally enclosed bulkweighing hopper system, now a grain industry standard. The system eliminates the venting problems of previous systems.

h1978CompuWeigh introduces the Compudraft® 1000, the first computerized legal-for-trade bulkweighing controller. This revolutionized the bulkweighing industry, replacing old lever-beam scale systems with load cells and microcomputers.

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