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Automatic Bulk Weighing Scale System

Growmark-Western Grain, Adair, IL no rustIf you need a bulk weighing scale that is:

  • The fastest, most accurate scale on the market
  • Designed to work as a system from day one
  • Reliable
  • Low height
  • Easy to install
  • Built like a tank

. . . then you definitely need a CompuWeigh Scale.

It’s all about saving time and money!

The CompuWeigh CWC series of Bulk Weighing Scales set a new level for speed and accuracy. Add the CompuWeigh CD-4000 Bulk Weighing controller, the one that outsells all the rest combined, and you have the best bulk weighing system at any price.

Highly Accurate:

  • We use heavy-duty cam followers along the whole length of the gate travel to ensure consistent gate operation, which is the key to accurate rail car loading.
  • Our test weights are located in special doghouses protecting them from the weather ensuring that they maintain their accuracy.
  • We use a trim limit switch on the weigh hopper feed gate so our scales are typically within 10 lbs of target weight.


  • Our sizing calculations are based on a conservative 120 cycles an hour. Used with our advanced CD-4000 controller, our scales will typically run at 125% of rated capacity.
  • The plumbing on our hydraulic lines is designed to always give precedence to the weigh hopper gates even when the spout is plumbed into the scale’s hydraulic system. This ensures that the scale never slows down even when the spout is being raised.


  • We use top of the line components, including capacitance level sensors, not mechanical sensors.
  • We use cushion ends on the gate cylinders to ensure longevity and quiet operation.
  • The system is designed to work with CompuWeigh’s SmartTech the automatic scale monitoring system so that any of 40 potential scale problems are reported to the controller before they become a serious issue.

Smart Operating System:

  • SmartTech (CD-4000 only):  CompuWeigh is the only company that offers a “smart” electronics system that constantly monitors 40 I/O and potentially alerts you of a problem before it happens.  SmartTech not only pinpoints the area of possible concern but also automatically informs the operator why the problem might be occurring and how to fix it!

Low Height:

  • It’s a paradox, but we have the largest hoppers and yet have the lowest height scale because the scale wraps around the outside of the structural support tubes. Low height translates into lower capital costs or being able to put a larger scale into the same space.
  • We also provide a range of samplers that are designed to work perfectly with our systems.

Easy Installation:

  • The scales are shipped as a single unit and are provided with lifting brackets to quickly lift into position.
  • The hydraulics, wiring and sensors are installed and then tested before they leave the factory.

Built like a tank:

  • We put more steel into our scales and supporting structure so there’s never a vibration problem and it allows other equipment like screeners to be placed on top.

What else?

Designed for your application:

  • There is no such thing as a standard scale. We provide free design and engineering services to tailor the scale to our customer’s requirements.
  • All designs and modifications are provided on 3D AutoCAD drawings.

Complete System:

  • CompuWeigh can also provide other key components including the support tower, Gamet® samplers, spouts and control rooms.
  • CompuWeigh manufactures the industries leading scale controller, the CD-4000, the most accurate, fastest and most reliable controller on the market. It is the perfect partner for a CWC scale.
  • System can be upgraded to handle rail car RF tag reading and accounting interface.

For scale sizes please click on the Scale Sizes tab at the top of the page. 

For a printable brochure, click here: pdf_icon

CWC-Bulk Weigh Scale Specifications: NTEP approved Certificate # 02-059A4.pdf

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