Click on Data on the Main GMS scale screen and click on Products and enter in the necessary password.
Select one of the Products that is not weighing to the full amount and check that the draft preset has not been set to a lower number, like 14,000 lbs.

Shut off the CD-4000 completely.
Go to the scale and using the manual override on the weigh hopper discharge gate solenoid, open the weigh hopper discharge gate until the over capacity alarm goes away.
(Make sure that you have a place to put the excess grain that will drop into the Lower Garner!)

Here are the most likely reasons: The SmartTech OptoBox lost power or blew a fuse. Recycle power on the Opto Box and if that does not work look for a blown fuse on XXX (Alex explain which ones to check).
The J3 connector on the back of the CD-4000 has come loose or disconnected. Check the connection.

Check that the hydraulic pump is running and the power unit has fluid and the correct pressure.
If it is a pneumatic system check that the compressor is running and the pressure is correct.
If all that is working, check that the upper garner gate open solenoid is working.

Hopper gate closed limit switch is not made. Check the limit switch to see why it is not indicating that the gate is closed.

Code 2 indicates that the weigh hopper weight is below zero and a major malfunction has occurred. Check to see if one of the load cell linkages for the weigh hopper is broken or another mechanical problem has occurred.
If everything looks normal the problem may be a bad load cell or bad load cell connection or cable.

When I lower the test weights and pick them up again the weigh display is now one to two grads high. What’s wrong?
Check to make sure the test weight linkage and lifting cylinders are free and clear.
Make sure the hoses for the lifting cylinders are not binding or rubbing when the test weights are up.
Push the weigh hopper from side to side to ensure that there are no mechanical binds.

The trim limit switch is probably not working so that on the last draft, when the gate goes from the closed position to the trim position, it continues on to the full open position. By this time too much product has entered the weigh hopper.

Go into Buildup Mode and press the Trim soft key and make sure that the feed gate moves to the trim limit position and stops there, and does not move right out to the full open position.

The closed limit switch is not making. Check to see if something is caught in the gate or if the limit switch is out of adjustment.