SmartPit Dump Pit Verification System

The SmartTruck dump pit verification system ensures that trucks have entered the pit where they were assigned to dump. When a truck approaches a dump pit, their RF card is scanned by the SmartTruck RF antenna and the system alerts the dump pit staff and the driver if the truck has pulled into the incorrect pit. When combined with CompuWeigh’s automation systems, legs can be stopped if desired.

The system includes SmartChoice automatic pit assignment module which directs inbound trucks to specific dump pits based on their commodity and grade factors. Together, these modules allow you to employ less staff by eliminating the need to have the grading attendant manually review grades and instruct drivers at which pit to dump.

When equipped with a GMS-Dump Pit Workstation (located in MCC room), dump pit attendants are able to view a specially designed ‘Dump Pit in-transit list’ which:
Color codes each transaction in the list by highlighting it (blue for pit 1, red for pit 2, etc.)
Includes a four click ‘Filter’ button allowing for segregation by pit:

  • Click the filter button once to show pit one
  • Click filter again to show pit two
  • Click filter again to show pit three
  • Click filter again to shut off and show all pits

SmartPit can control up to (4) SmartView outdoor message boards and (4) RF Antennas from one SmartPit Dump Pit Verification System.


  • Ensures trucks are at the correct dump pit
  • SmartTruck RF reader with antenna and PLC controls warning light, buzzer or gate if truck is in wrong lane (ancillary equipment supplied by customer)
  • Includes SmartChoice automatic pit assignment module

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