Two scales proportionally filling one rail car


Salina, Kansas

Loading one rail car with two bulk weighing scales

CompuWeigh Control Systems:
GMS-4000 bulkweighing control with special program
Two CD-4000 bulkweighing control systems
Two audit printers & one certificate printer

Customer Request:
The customer needed to increase the rail load out speed by using two scales to fill each rail car. The customer also wanted to be able to use each scale independently, if required.

CompuWeigh Solution:
CompuWeigh provides a number of multiple scale solutions including up to twelve scales running on one GMS computer.

For this customer we used our GMS system controlling two of our highly accurate CD-4000 bulkweighing control systems. The operator enters the total order amount and the percent to be loaded from each scale. GMS then sends the appropriate instructions to each of the CD-4000s which then proceed to weigh out that amount. Each controller maintains its own audit trail print out and at the end of the order the GMS computer prints out the rail certificate.

When required the system allows each scale controller to process its own order and print out its own certificate.