Multi-site truck processing


Woodland, California

Replace recently installed Truck and Rail Systems at five facilities

CompuWeigh Control Systems:
GMS-400 bulkweighing control system
GMS-Truck scale workstations for single and dual platform scales
SmartLink accounting system interface
Automatic interface to Dickey-john moisture meter

The customer upgraded their scale systems with another vendor’s system just four years earlier, but had to replace it because of its inflexibility, inconsistent accounting interface and lack of on-going support.

The company decided to install our GMS system at all five of their locations.

Simple Truck Weighing and Grading:
The truck driver positions his truck on the scale and then comes into the office to identify himself. The truck is weighed and graded then sent to the appropriate dump pit for unloading.

The truck returns to the scale, where the second weight is taken and the ticket issued to the driver. Using the SmartLink accounting interface the completed transaction is automatically formatted so that the data can be read by their Solomon Accounting system located at their Head Office.

More complicated Truck Weighing:
The customer has multiple locations and sometimes they need to start a transaction at one site and complete it at another. To make it even more complicated, they needed to take the tare weight from their platform scale and then send the truck over to the bulkweighing scale and load the truck to the legal maximum.

The GMS system is able to combine the weights from the platform and the bulk weighing scales and then make the transaction available over their wide area network so that when the truck arrives at another facility the transaction can be selected for final processing.

Simple Rail Loading and Receiving:
The customer typically receives 8-10 empty cars daily. The cars are manually identified, positioned under the spout and then the GMS-400 automatically loads them to their target weights. At the end of the transaction the information is sent to their accounting system using our SmartLink accounting interface.