Pre-advise receiving system


Mobile, Alabama

Grain Export House with multiple rail dump pits,
truck receiving and ship load out

CompuWeigh Control Systems:
GMS-3000 bulkweighing control system
GMS-Truck scale workstation for truck receiving
SmartRead rail car RF ID system
SmartCar rail car database
SmartBatch continuous weighing
SmartLink accounting system interface

Batch Rail Unload:
Their Agris accounting system sends the facility electronic files of unit trains destined for the elevator. Once a unit train arrives, the operator selects that file and the cars are automatically loaded into the GMS In-Transit list, together with their Origin Weights and Grades.

As the rail cars are emptied at the two dump pits, the SmartRead rail car RF ID system scans the cars and adds them to the batch total. Because of limited track space, often as many as eight unit trains are being unloaded simultaneously, however the SmartBatch system is able to recognize which cars belong to which batch.

At the end of a batch GMS compares the total net weight of the individual cars at the Origin with the single batch weight reported by the bulkweigher. If there is a material difference, the operator is informed and is required to reconcile the two weights before proceeding.

At this point the total weight is allocated across the cars in the batch and using the SmartLink accounting system interface the completed file is electronically sent back to their Agris system located in Ohio.

Truck Receiving:
The truck system is a standard GMS-Truck scale system that weighs inbound trucks and using the SmartLink accounting system interface exports this data for the Agris accounting system at Head Office.

Ship Loading:
The company uses our Compudraft CD-2000 bulk weighing controllers to load out to ship. These units have been in operation for ten years and continue to provide trouble free service.