RF Truck and Recipe Management


Rochester, New York

RF tag controlled inbound and outbound truck
Custom recipes for multiple compartments trucks
GMS Recipe Management

For more information please see “Wireless Grain” from Grain Journal in the Article section of Automation

CompuWeigh Control Systems:
GMS-Truck scale system for truck receiving and shipping
SmartTruck RF identification of trucks
SmartLink accounting system interface
CompuWeigh provided a whole range of weighing and PLC Automation of this facility

RF id for Trucks:
Both inbound and outbound trucks are controlled by CompuWeigh’s SmartTruck RF tag system. Before a truck can ship product from the facility it is inspected and the cubic capacity of each compartment is measured. At this time an outdoor RF tag which has an unique number is affixed to the trailer.

When a truck arrives it is positioned on the scale. The tag is read and the GMS computer immediately shows that truck’s transactions at the facility in ‘most recent order’. This makes it very easy for the operator to determine which order the truck is fulfilling today.

Once the weight has been taken, the truck proceeds to the dump pits or load out area. Since the facility handles feed and fertilizer it is essential that there is no cross contamination so prior to loading or unloading the trucks pass another SmartTruck reader to ensure that they are at the correct location.

Recipe Management:
When a truck arrives to pick up feed, the operator consults the Recipe Management section of GMS and selects the appropriate recipes. Because each truck has been previously audited, GMS instructs the batching equipment to make precisely the right amount to fit into the compartments of the truck. The system can handle multiple recipes on one truck.

To reduce errors, the truck returns to the truck scale after being loaded and the gross minus tare weights are compared with the net weight loaded by the bulk scale that weighed the formula. If there is a meaningful difference the truck cannot leave the facility until a supervisor has approved the deviation.