Split customer accounts


Fairfax, Kansas

Split Accounts for truck receiving
Grading and accounting interface

CompuWeigh Control Systems:
GMS-Truck scale workstation for truck receiving
SmartLink accounting system interface

One of the complexities of truck receiving is that sometimes the contents of the truck need to be allocated to multiple owners.

GMS provides four ways of handling split accounts:

  • “Percentage splits on the fly” where the operator creates percentage allocations for each owner
  • “Bushel splits on the fly” where operator each owner is given a certain number of bushels. Since the total number of bushels on the truck is not known when the truck arrives, the last designated owner receives the balance
  • “Preset allocation” is where the manager enters the split account allocations in GMS ahead of time and the operator just selects the appropriate split
  • “Accounting interface” which allows the Accounting system to send customer contract file at any time to GMS. When GMS notices a new file it automatically updates its customer file, including split information.

When truck transactions are completed GMS SmartLink prepares the data in the correct format so that it can be electronically transmitted to accounting.