Shut everything off, including the units providing the signal for the remote station. After a short period turn everything back on and everything should be back to normal.

Under ‘Data’ at the top of the GMS screen is a selection called ‘Unit Train’. In this form you set up the rules for the unit train. Shorten the “minimum return days” to something less that a week. This will take care of the problem.

Here are the most likely reasons:

The SmartTech OptoBox lost power or blew a fuse. Recycle power
on the Opto Box and if that does not work look for a blown fuse on XXX (Alex explain which ones to check).
The J3 connector on the back of the CD-4000 has come loose or disconnected. Check the connection.

Check the cable from the back of the Industrial Computer to J15 on the back of the CD-3000. If that’s OK, make sure that the CD-3000 is in Remote Mode.
If that doesn’t fix the problem, you may have a bad Communications port on your Industral Computer. Time to call CompuWeigh Technical Support.

Click on Data on the Main GMS scale screen and click on Products and enter in the necessary password.

Select one of the Products that is not weighing to the full amount and check that the draft preset has not been set to a lower number, like 14,000 lbs.

Move the key-switch on the CD-4000 back to the Backup position and make sure that the CD-4000 is in Remote Communication Mode.
If not change the mode from Local communication to Remote communication.

If you may have not Re-indexed, Packed or Archived your database for some time and it has become a huge unorganized system. Please refer to Administrative Tools in the GMS Manual for how to re-index the database.

Check that no one has moved the rocker switch (located inside the computer door) which is labeled “KB/LOCK” to the “-” position.
Check that the keyboard connector is plugged properly into the back of the CD-4000 controller (if you have a GMS-4000) or to the Industrial Computer, if you are using a system NOT connected to a bulkweighing scale.

Make sure the printer switchbox is pointing to the GMS computer. (You do have one?).

Ensure the printer is powered on and “Online” by pressing “SEL” on the printer.

Check the reprint settings by clicking on the blue arrow when selecting which ticket number to print. In the Settings List that drops down, ensure that the Okidata ML 320T printer is selected.

You may not have re-indexed the GMS database recently. Consult your GMS Manual on how to do this.
Your hard drive may be in of need some routine maintenance. Run Windows tasks like Scandisk and Defrag to ensure that all files are intact.

Shut off the CD-4000 completely.
Go to the scale and using the manual override on the weigh hopper discharge gate solenoid, open the weigh hopper discharge gate until the over capacity alarm goes away.
(Make sure that you have a place to put the excess grain that will drop into the Lower Garner!)

Make sure that the SmartRead box is powered up and the power light is on (you will have to open the gray SmartRead Box to see this light).

Try “Resetting” the RF reader first before turning it “ON” in GMS. XXXXX how do you do this???? If this doesn’t fix the problem, check the integrity of the cable that connects the SmartRead box to the Industrial Computer.

a. Reset the reader XXXXexplain here how to do thisXXX
b. Look inside the SmartRead box to ensure that the Power light is on.
c. With a rail tag positioned in front of the antenna, verify the lock light inside the SmartRead Box turns on.

Look for a SmartTech alarm message.
Press F11-Opto, then F11-SmartTech and read the error message.
To get a more detailed explanation select the error message in the List and press F1- Help.

Depending on the size of your scale, the CD-4000 is configured to have a Discharge Cut-Off value between 100 and 1,500 lbs. If your scale tare weight has a tendency to increase gradually over time, we suggest that you perform a tare reset operation periodically. (Note that Tare Reset can be done only when the scale is in IDLE or TEST modes).

If you are running an order and scale tare weight has exceeded the Reset value. Do the following to fix the problem:

1. Press F1-Stop to stop the scale.
2. Go to the Scale Menu List, select Change Cutoff item and press the Enter button.
3. Enter a larger value for the Discharge Cutoff parameter than is showing as the weight in the scale. Press the Enter key.
4. Press F2-Auto to continue the order.
After you finish the order do not forget to perform the Tare Reset operation.

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