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I want to commend your company for installing an efficient load out and receiving system here at Nebraska City. We are able to load consistently at 53,000 BPH with very little variance in target weights. I haven’t crunched all the numbers but I would say that 90% of all cars loaded are within 10 lbs of target weight and target weights are rarely off more than 20lb.

The tech support team I’ve worked with has been very helpful and always willing to help identify even more efficiencies that we may not be utilizing.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with your company in the future.

John E. Bleavins
DeBruce Grain Co.
Nebraska City, NE.

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Letter from Electrical Contractor to his customer

I guess I really have got to go to bat for both Jimmy Gavrish and CompuWeigh on this job. I have worked around several programmers in the industry and I will honestly say that Jimmy is by far the best and fastest I’ve worked with. He doesn’t overlook any features that may be of value in his programming. His interlocking in process control is excellent and it will help operators at the elevator avoid some problems that might of developed without proper interlocking. I will say Jimmy is a real special person to work hands on with, and he is great with my help and elevator personnel. His training with your employees with the finished product is also excellent.

To make a long story short – I think CompuWeigh builds one hell of a nice Control System and Jimmy G. does one sweet job of programming. If someone were to ask for any type of reference about CompuWeigh I’d have to give them an A+. I know that I’m not making the decisions for your company but, in this case using CompuWeigh and Jimmy on this job was a good choice and I hope we can do another joint project together in the future.

Alan Jacobson
Jacobson Electric
Farnhamville, IA

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In the spring of 2003, we upgraded the batch weighing instrumentation at (16) of our shuttle loading facilities from CD-2000/3000’s to the GMS-4000, and we are very pleased with the results. CompuWeigh handled this upgrade for us on a turn-key basis and despite the large number of installations, the project went very smoothly.

The CompuWeigh engineering team performed very well, making sure each installation was completed within the time frame they were given. The few problems we did encounter were handled professionally, and in a very timely manner, and we continue to receive excellent support. I believe that the GMS system has helped us to increase our rail loading efficiencies at all (16) facilities, and has helped us to reduce the amount of dead freight on the trains we’ve loaded since installing the GMS systems.

I want to thank the entire CompuWeigh staff for their help and support, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Mark Bonk
Cargill, Inc.

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The belief is that the greatest asset of a successful company is its people. We have definitely found that to be the case working with CompuWeigh. The sales and installation staff, as well as service people, have always been available and ready to take on any issue brought up.

Installed now for over 2 years, our CompuWeigh system has been very reliable and is very user friendly. The few times we have had to request help, someone has always been available to dial into our machine and quickly solve the problem.

Dan Mehochko
Louis Dreyfus Corp.

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I have been using CompuWeigh products since about 1980. The reason I have been such a long-term customer is that they provide exceptional customer service and support, quality products and state of the art equipment. I have always found them to be innovative and their equipment is very easy to operate.

We upgraded three old electronic systems to CD-3000’s in 1998. Then following the installation of a fourth scale with a CD-4000. We upgraded the CD-3000’s to CD-4000’s in 2003. All these systems have performed very well.

I have been pleased with CompuWeigh products for over twenty years. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Steve Oakes
Vice President of Operations
Kalama Export Co.

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Before the purchase of our new CompuWeigh GMS-3000, our existing bulk-weigher controller from another vendor was not operating efficiently. Existing support was being cancelled after only three years of use.

Other industry users were telling us that CompuWeigh had controllers in place that were over 15 years old and still being supported. We appreciate the longevity and track record of their product.

Our new CompuWeigh has the ability to interface with our existing accounting system and also has a stable backup system. The system also has additional add-on features that will help us with future growth. In addition, when we have a problem, the CompuWeigh system support is reliable and timely.

There is more I could have added but I wanted to keep it simple. If you have a prospective customer, they are more than welcome to call me.

David Cornett
Operations Manager
WindRiver Grain L.L.C.

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To be quite honest we were apprehensive about investing in the CompuWeigh Automation and GMS software package at our facility. Having an Inland Terminal in the middle of the country and not having technical support in the immediate area was shocking.

At the time of installation we were accredited with being one of the most automated facilities in the country and CompuWeigh came through perfectly. From out of the box to up and running with very few glitches in just a few days was astounding.

CompuWeigh Automation and the GMS Software for receiving, inventory and shipping work in harmony to help us load out a train to within 400 pounds on a 110 car train loaded back to back to the grade specifications called for in the contract. All of this is accomplished in less than 9 hours for loading and switching of 110 cars at a 72,000-bushel per hour rate.

CompuWeigh Technical Support is always ready to help keep the system up and running and have been a great asset to the success of our operation. They can dial up our system and have everything back and running at peak performance in a matter of minutes.

Hats off to CompuWeigh for their understanding of our business and the quick responses to any and all questions.

Mark Paul
Terminal Manager
Agmark LLC
Concordia, KS

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The thing I like about our CD-4000 with GMS is it’s very easy to operate and understand. It’s dead on the target weight 90% of the time and always within 20 lbs per rail car. The GMS with SmartLoad and SmartRead is operator friendly and I like it.

All I have to compare with it is the CD-2000 we used to have. It’s easier to run and a lot faster. I can also do much more as far as reports and trouble shooting within the system.
We had a rough time with the start-up of our whole elevator, and the scale did give us some trouble, but now that it’s been in service awhile it’s really a nice piece of equipment and I like to run it.

I’ve loaded 400,000 bushels of milo in less than 10 hours. I’m pretty proud of that.

Tim Duis
Farmers Coop Association of Hanover (A.G.P.)
Hanover, KS

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The reliable product installed in 1998 and service provided over the last five years have exceeded our expectations. The upgrades provided and recent expanded 24 / 7 service will keep CompuWeigh a vendor of choice for our company.

Rich Zarr
McElhaney Cattle Company

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Our company was attempting to prepare itself for the future and at the same time eliminate problems with a recently installed scale system of a competitor. After several meetings with CompuWeigh personnel, we communicated what problems we were experiencing and what we expected from CompuWeigh if we were to do business with them. We were very demanding in our schedule requirements allowing very little flexibility.

CompuWeigh personnel came through for us and performed well completing the installation project in the time frame we gave them. The CompuWeigh equipment has been consistent and accurate. One of the most important issues in choosing a scale company is timely service. The few problems that we have had were handled promptly by CompuWeigh personnel in a courteous manner.

This is my second experience with CompuWeigh in a bulk scale installation, and I was pleased both times.

Roger Buzard
Operations Mgr.

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In the summer of 2003 we installed a new 60,000 BPH CompuWeigh bulkweighing system including the CD-4000 and GMS-4000 controllers. We have been very happy with the performance of the equipment right from the startup. The system does substantially more volume than the advertised capacity. In fact, we now have to redesign our track layout, or utilize a locomotive to move cars fast enough to keep up with the bulkweigher (we presently use two trackmobiles).

The reports we generate are quite helpful to locate where we can pick up some additional time on these quick turn around trains. The support has been very good; in fact, if we have a request for something a little different, it seems CompuWeigh jumps right on it and 95% of the time come up with a good solution.

All new installations have problems to some degree, the few that we encountered were addressed timely and then we were contacted shortly afterwards to see if the problem had been resolved satisfactorily. I enjoyed working with the people from CompuWeigh and look forward to working with them again.

Brad Ortman
Operations Manager
Kokomo Grain Company Inc.

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Compuweigh’s process scales have enabled us to incorporate into our plant designs efficient, accurate and economical methods for tracking and controlling material flow rates in the process flow.

With Compuweigh’s easy-to-use controllers and data display capabilities, we are always confident that our customers will have access to real-time process data to enable them to accurately monitor processing and make critical adjustments on-the-fly to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Compuweigh’s compact design and range of models simplify the installation process and the easy-to-understand intuitive controls make operator training easy.

Our customers have been pleased with the utility and value of the Compuweigh scales and we intend to use them whenever our design requirements call for process monitoring and control.

Steve Rocca
VP, General Manager
Vogel Sales Engineering
Sacramento, California

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