SmartLane Dump Pit Traffic Control


SmartLane ensures an equal number of trucks are waiting at each dump pit. SmartChoice automatically assigns a dump pit to a truck based on preset commodity and quality rules. When another truck meets the same rules, SmartChoice will assign the truck to the next pit that meets those rules (if any). This ensures that similar pits are assigned the same number of trucks but it does not address whether there are any hold-ups or breakdowns at one of the pits.

SmartLane solves this problem by checking off which trucks were sent to a dump pit but have not been emptied yet. If a delay is seen, SmartLane will automatically direct trucks to alternative pits.


  • Monitors traffic flow patterns and automatically assigns each truck to the shortest line that meets commodity and grade qualifications
  • Reduces driver frustration and potential pollution of traffic patterns
  • Interfaces with SmartChoice and SmartPit

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