Unattended truck receiving


La Salle, Illinois

Attended and Semi-unattended truck receiving

CompuWeigh Control Systems:
GMS-Truck scale workstation for truck receiving
SmartTruck RFID
SmartLink accounting system interface
OTP-3000 Outside Ticket Printer

With the ongoing pressure to reduce operating costs, a number of our customers are running their truck scales without an operator at the scale, particularly at off-peak times of the year.

This GMS System has the flexibility to operate in both manned and unmanned modes. With the flick of a switch the screen can be changed from the normal GMS truck screen to the one above.

Semi-unattended Operation:
Trucks that frequent the facility on a regular basis are provided with RF tags that are semi-permanently attached to the outside of the cab or trailer. Infrequent trucks are provided with temporary RF tags that can be placed on the dashboard of the truck.

When the traffic light is green the truck is postioned on the scale. Electric eyes ensure that the truck is correctly positioned on the scale. A display facing the driver informs him of the status of the weighing operation. The SmartRead RF system, which has a reading range of over 15 feet, reads the truck RF id and as soon as ‘motion’ is out of the scale GMS records the gross weight. The traffic light turns back to green indicating the truck can leave the scale.

Although not used at this location, additional RF readers can be positioned at the dump pits to ensure that trucks unload at the correct pit.

Once unloaded, the truck returns to the unattended scale and follows the same procedure to obtain the tare weight.

To reduce the time spent on the scale, the system is equipped with the OTP-3000 outside ticket printer, which is positioned 125ft ahead of the scale. By the time the truck arrives at the printer the ticket is ready for collection. If the driver is using a temporary card drop he drops it off in the basket, and leaves the facility.

We are introducing the OTP-4000 which has a ten second print time (instead of the 40 second time of the OTP-3000) which will allow the printer to be positioned right at the scale.