GMS-Grading New Monitor 11-2015Integration of Scales to Accounting

SmartLink offers the following benefits:

  • Interface scales to any Accounting System
  • Transfers data to and from Accounting
  • Change rules at any time
  • Transfer data as often as you want
  • Can be used by your own IT Department

What’s the problem?

  • Accounting systems are complex and many are legacy systems. Customers therefore rely on CompuWeigh to provide all the flexibility necessary to provide the interface from the scale systems into accounting.
  • Every accounting system is different and even customers using the same accounting system use them differently.

Interfacing to Accounting Systems like Agris

prd_smartlink_02Let’s work through the steps for setting up an Agris V9 customer.

  1. Select the Agris V9 interface from the list of available interfaces.
  2. This will automatically show the Agris fields in see columns 2 & 3.
  3. The corresponding fields in GMS are shown. These can easily be changed. One very common change is the Location Code, which changes from one facility to another.
  4. Formulas can be applied to the GMS data.
  5. The data can then be reformatted to exactly match Agris. For example, the data can be trimmed or filled with leading zeros or given a fixed field position as required for Agris Accounting.
  6. The last column shows a how the data will look, to ensure that the data has been correctly converted.

Obtaining more Detailed Information

  • prd_smartlink_03When this has been done, press the Report button at the bottom of the screen and you will receive a report like the one on the right. This is a useful tool to make another check that the data is being formatted the way you are expecting.
  • prd_smartlink_04Programmers can press the View Code button to view the actual code that is automatically generated to create the input file to Agris. For the rest of us, we can skip to the final step below.
  • prd_smartlink_05The final step is to press Test File and this will write the data to the file that will be imported into Agris Accounting. Duplicate and incorrect data will be flagged by Agris. If there is a problem, make the change, recreate the file and re-submit. That’s all there is to it. Should Agris make a change to their layout in the future, simply reload the file, make the change and re-save the file.

Importing Data from the Accounting System into GMS

Customer, Split Account and Contract information can all be imported into GMS from Accounting. To the right are examples of the fields that can be imported into GMS.
Customer Information

Field Name Caption
ACC_PK Primary Key
ACC_ADDRESS1 Address Line 1
ACC_ADDRESS2 Address Line 2
ACC_ZIP Zip Code
Contract Information – partial

Field Name Caption
CNT_PK Primary Key
CNT_ACCFK Account Code
CNT_PRDFK Product Code
CNT_DELIVERED Delivered Weight

Once the data is in GMS, it is treated just like any other GMS data so that it can be displayed on the screen, used in calculations, printed in reports and of course sent back to accounting at the end of each completed transaction.

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