Grade Railcars during High Speed Load Out

GMS-Grading New Monitor 11-2015Integrated Grading & Weighing

SmartGrade offers the following benefits:

  • Prevents ‘giving away’ high quality product to meet overall unit train grade
  • Full U.S.D.A. grading while loading cars at full speed
  • Weighted average by factor for cars loaded
  • Integration to leading grading equipment
  • Weighing and grading information on same certificate
  • Integrates to all leading Accounting Systems
  • Integrates to our SmartBin I.P. Inventory System

High speed rail load out is a very intense, prolonged and potential dangerous operation. For this reason we keep the grading process on a separate workstation. As cars are being identified by the CompuWeigh SmartRead RF Tag System railcar information is automatically transferred to this Grading Workstation.

prd_smartgrade_02Here’s how it works:

  • The Inspector mouse clicks on a car on the left side of the screen. These are cars that have been identified by the SmartRead RF system but have not yet been graded.
  • The transaction then appears on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • The Inspector enters the grade factors in the bottom right section of the screen. If equipment like the Mci Kicker, GAC 2100 or Perten Protein Analyzer is being used, the data will be automatically entered into GMS directly from this equipment.
  • When factors have been entered, the Inspector presses the F11-Grade key and GMS calculates the FGIS grade. This grade can be adjusted for local conditions.
  • The grade data will automatically be saved with the transaction information so that rail certificates, reports and accounting transmissions will all contain the full information about the rail car.
  • The Inspector can at any time review the weighted average for each factor, for the cars loaded and graded, by reviewing the top left of the screen.

prd_smartgrade_03More Detailed Information

  • If the Inspector wants to see detailed information on each car that has been loaded, (rather than the weighted average of all of them), s(he) can press the Details button and will then see the factors for each car.
  • This will let you know:
    • How the blend is changing as different bins are brought into the mix
    • To review the effectiveness of deliberate changes made to the blend to meet the customer’s overall quality requirements.

Choose SmartGrade When You Need

  • Real time grading on railcars (but also useful for barges and ships)
  • Real time calculation of weighted average quality by factor
  • Integration of grades with weights on any bulkweighing certificate or data transmission to accounting

Required Equipment

  • GMS-4000 Bulkweighing Controller with SmartTech
  • SmartRead Rail Car RF reader w/database
  • GMS Grading Workstation w/LAN connection to GMS-4000

Available Options include

  • Automatic grading interface to GAC-2100, Mci-Kicker or Perten Protein Analyzer
  • SmartRead II upgrade to wheel sensor technology to flag missing cars
  • SmartBin integrated Inventory System to manage inventory, blending and identity preservation

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