SmartBatch New MonitorRail Car Batch Unloading

SmartBatch offers the following unique benefits:

  • ┬áReconciles origin and destination weights
  • ┬áPrevents incorrect cars being unloaded
    Can manage several unit trains simultaneously
    Automatically reads rail cars from a Pre-Advise
    Integrates to PLC/HMI control system
    Interfaces to leading accounting systems

Saving time and money

  • SmartBatch makes sure that you received what the shipper said was sent.
  • SmartBatch manages the whole unloading process with zero data entry.

SmartBatch in action
Here’s an example of how to use the system

prd_smartbatch021. The operator reviews the list of Pre-Advise files that have been sent. (In this example the data has been sent from an Agris accounting system.)

2. When a file is selected the unit trains contained in that file are shown.

3. The operator selects the required unit train and can then see the cars in that unit train.

4. If correct, the operator selects Load to GMS and the cars are automatically entered into the GMS In-Transit list ready for unloading.
Pre-Advise Utility

prd_smartbatch035. The bulkweighing scale is started and a batch of cars are moved over the dump pit and emptied.

6. During the unload process the operator can press the Origin Data button at any time to see the weight and grade information taken at the Origin. (In this example the Origin elevator weighed the cars but did not grade them).
SmartBatch Screen

prd_smartbatch047. As cars pass over the dump pit, the SmartRead II RF tag reader and wheel sensors identify the cars and they are marked as part of the batch (see maroon blocks in the In-Transit List).

8. At the end of the batch, GMS compares the batch total with the summation of the individual Origin car weights.

9. If the weight deviation is reasonable then the operator can press the Finish Batch button. If deviation is significant, the operator will need

10. The total weight is then allocated between the cars and this information can be sent back to accounting.
SmartBatch Screen

SmartBatch will care of your rail car unloading.

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