110K – Destrehan, LA

Destrehan, Louisiana

110,000 BPH

14′ x 17′ x 66′
U.G. 11,400 cu.ft
W.H. 1,600 cu.ft
L.G. 2,000 cu.ft

Control Equipment:
CD-3000 Bulkweighing Controller[sc:clear ]

This is we believe the largest grain handling scale in the World. It weighs grain being unloaded off barges at a conservative 110,000 BPH. It has a huge upper garner of 550,000 lbs (1/3rd of a barge) and allows the scale to keep weighing while one barge is being replaced by another. The system is pneumatically operated because the scale is in the Mississippi and there would be concerns about a hydraulic system.

The scale is controlled by the CD-3000 which was the pre-eminent controller before the introduction of the CD-4000 bulk weighing controller.