30K – Morristown, IN

Morristown, Indiana

CWC-310S – 30,000 BPH

10′ x 10′ x 30′- 3″ including 4′ of additional U.G. 4′ extension to legs
Lower Garner Gate & Empty Limit Switch
Automatic Test Weight Lifting Equipment

Other CompuWeigh Equipment:
Support Structure

Control Equipment:
GMS-4000 bulkweighing control system
SmartTech automatic scale diagnostics

Other Systems:
SmartRead RF tag system
Super SmartLoad continuous weighing
Stamped engineering drawings for structural integrity

We provided our 30,000 BPH fully enclosed bulkweighing scale with 4′ of extended upper garner providing an additional 50 second cushion. CompuWeigh also provided the support tower.
The legs at the bottom of the scale were extended by 4′ to allow for the future inclusion of a sampler and to allow trucks to be loaded from the scale.

System also included 2 levels of platforms, automatic test weight lifting, hydraulic power unit and lower garner gate control.

The scale is controlled by the top of the line GMS-4000 bulkweighing control system

  • SmartTech that automatically monitors the scale for correct operation
  • Super SmartLoad that automatically starts the order for the next car and starts to fills the weigh hopper. If the next car is not in position the scale controller checks to see if the lower hopper is empty. If it is, it will automatically close the lower garner gate and drop the draft in the weigh hopper into the lower garner. The weigh hopper will now start to fill again. Once full the scale will stop. This is a rare event because it does not normally take the operator 50 seconds to move the next car into position.