40K – New Berlin, IL

New Berlin, Illinois

CWC-410S – 40,000 BPH

10′ x 10′ x 19′- 11″ 2 hopper system

Control Equipment:
GMS-4000 bulkweighing control system
SmartTech automatic scale diagnostics
Allen Bradley PLC w/electrical enclosure
Elevator Automation System

Other CompuWeigh Systems:
SmartRead RF tag system
SmartLoad continuous weighing[sc:clear ]

This installation is a good example of how CompuWeigh can provide a highly custom system from standard components.

We provided our 40,000 BPH fully enclosed bulkweighing scale without the upper garner because the scale was located in a concrete bin that provided a large upper garner. System included platforms, automatic test weight lifting, Class II Group G hydraulic power unit and lower garner gate control.

The scale is controlled by the state of the art GMS-4000 controller including:

SmartTech that automatically monitors the scale for correct operation
SmartLoad that ensures that the scale continues to run while a new car is positioned under the spout
SmartRead that automatically reads the rail cars and calculates the optimum amount to load into each car.

CompuWeigh also provided a full rail loadout automation system using an Allen Bradley PLC5 and Wonderware HMI computer control system to manage the conveyor and two rail shipping bins.