60K – Amboy, IN

Amboy, Indiana

CWC-612S – 60,000 BPH

12′ x 12′ x 32′- 3″ including 2′ of additional U.G.

Other CompuWeigh Equipment:
60,000 BPH Sampler

Control Equipment:
GMS-4000 bulkweighing control system
SmartTech automatic scale diagnostics

Other CompuWeigh Systems:
SmartCar rail car database
SmartLoad continuous weighing[sc:clear ]

We provided our 60,000 BPH scale, which has a total height of only 32′-3″ including 2′ of additional upper garner. System was supplied with the two normal levels of platforms plus a third level to provide access to the top of the scale. Also included was automatic test weight lifting, hydraulic power unit, lower garner gate proportioning control and a stainless steel sampler.

The scale is controlled by the top of the line GMS-4000 controller including:

  • SmartTech that automatically monitors the scale for correct operation
  • SmartLoad that ensures that the scale continues to run while a new car is positioned under the spout
  • SmartCar that calculates the optimum amount to load into each car.