60K – Galva, IL

Galva, Illinois

60,000 BPH bulk weighing scale

12′ x 12′ x 30′ including 5′ extended U.G.
Overall height with tower 61′

Other CompuWeigh Equipment:
3-tier platforms
LG gate
60,000 BPH Sampler
Rail Car Spout

Control Equipment:
GMS-4000 bulkweighing control system
SmartTech automatic scale diagnostics
SmartRead RF tag system[sc:clear ]

This one of the five circle tracks elevators in Illinois that has selected CompuWeigh to provide the scale load out system. We provided our 60,000 BPH fully enclosed bulkweighing scale, sampler and spout. The system included platforms on three levels, automatic test weight lifting and a lower garner gate so that the scale can run even when there is no car below the scale.

The rail car spout has an in-line telescope system that extends and retracts into the rail hatch and hinges out of the way between cars. The spout is fully lined with ΒΌ” EMBU. We supplied our 15 GPM hydraulic power unit to ensure that there is always an adequate supply of hydraulic pressure for the spout and gates.

The 60,000 BPH automatic Stainless Steel Cross Cut Sampler is electrically driven and extracts a representative grain sample which is sent by the Transfer Unit to a secondary cutting process where the sample is reduced to the appropriate size. The remaining product is returned to the product flow.

The scale is controlled by the top of the line GMS-4000 controller including:

  • SmartTech that automatically monitors the scale for correct operation
  • SmartLoad that ensures that the scale continues to run while a new car is positioned under the spout
  • SmartRead that automatically reads the rail cars and calculates the optimum amount to load into each car.