Scale Controllers

The CompuDraft® series controllers are designed to handle all types of bulk weighing applications including inbound and outbound transactions for truck, rail, barge and ship.

A Case Study on what it takes to make the highest speed, most accurate bulk weighing scale system.
CompuWeigh has always sold more bulk weighing scale controllers to the Grain industry than all its competitors combined. It was only recently however, that CompuWeigh also became the largest supplier of the physical scales themselves. This is because customers recognize that to get the best results, the scale and the controller must work seamlessly together and the best way to ensure this is to have one company take responsibility for both.  Read more  Download pdf

CD-4000 with monitor & 2015 screen shotCD-4000
CompuWeigh’s Industrial CD-4000 Controller is a specially designed workhorse for harsh environments and is a part of the Compudraft® Series of controllers that weigh over 60% of all the grain weighed in the U.S. The CD-4000 is the fastest controller on the market. This means you can do the work in less time by using fewer drafts. The CD-4000 calculates the flow rate 60 times a second and selects gate closing time to an accuracy of 1/10,000th of a second resulting in the ability to load within one bushel without any slowdown in speed.
The DWC-400 process scale controller offers advanced electronic weighing technology at an affordable price. Establishing a new level of performance for straightforward weighing applications, the DWC-400 comes completely preprogrammed for fully interlocked draft weighing for hopper control applications. Choose the DWC-400 controller when fast, reliable and user friendly equipment is required for your operation.

GMS-4000 for Quote TemplatesGMS-4000
The top of the line bulk weighing controller with integration to all grain accounting systems and Smart Options.
GMS-400 New Monitor with DWC-400GMS-400
The low cost bulk and process weighing solution with the benefit of the most powerful and easy to use GMS user interface.

smartread_smSmart Options
Leverage your GMS system with state of the art modules that separate GMS for all the other systems.

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