Unattended and semi-unattended truck


Danvers, Illinois

Attended and Semi-unattended truck receiving
Grading and accounting interface

CompuWeigh Control Systems:
GMS-Truck scale workstation for truck receiving
SmartTruck RFID
SmartLink accounting system interface

Attended Operation:
During normal hours a truck stops on the scale. If the customer already has an account, the operator selects that account’s RF (radio frequency) card, which is located in a pigeonhole, and swipes it in front of the inside RF reader close to the computer. This creates a new transaction and automatically enters the customer’s information into GMS.

If the customer is a new account, the operator will enter the information into GMS and then take one of the unassigned tags and swipe it in front of the reader. This tag is now linked to that account and swiping the card will automatically create a new transaction and enter the customer’s information into GMS.

During this process the truck is probed and the factors entered into GMS.

The truck now goes to the dump pit and when empty returns to the scale. The operator again swipes the RFID card in front of the RF reader. The tare weight is taken and to speed up operations the driver picks up his ticket from the OTP-3000 Outside Ticket Printer.

The completed transaction data is then sent to their Grossmans accounting system using our SmartLink accounting system interface

Semi-unattended Operation:
After hours, the driver stops on the scale and swipes the RF card (that he has brought with him), in front of the outside RF reader. This creates a new transaction and when the scale has a stable weight, automatically takes the gross weight. A roving employee pulls a sample from the truck for inspection the next day.

The truck proceeds to the unattended pit for that commodity and returns to the scale empty. The driver again swipes his card in front of the reader and when there is a steady weight, the tare weight is taken and the ticket printed on the outside ticket printer so the driver can take it without leaving his truck.