15K –Corvallis, OR

Location:  Corvallis, Oregon

Model:  CWC-158S– 15,000 BPH

8′ x 8′ x  25′-5″ with 45° slopes.  The customer requested an additional 27′ of  upper garner space providing a total of 1,820 cubic ft. in the upper garner, which offers 5½ minutes of safety capacity.

Other Features:
18” square lower garner hydraulic gate w/full open & full close control
Service Platforms on 1st floor and top level
Automatic Test Weight Lifting Equipment
(3) 500 lb. State certified NIST Class “F” cast iron test weights with NVLAP traceability
Certified and stamped engineering drawings



Control Equipment:

GMS-400 Windows based industrial computer system that works with SmartCar to automatically load railcars to the correct amount without overfilling with light materials or exceeding the load limit and being subject to fines and delays.

DWC-400 rack mounted bulk weighing control system

SmartRead RF antenna system that reads the tags on the side of the rail cars

SmartCar database that holds the entire fleet of covered hopper and tanker cars in North America and works with the GMS system to optimize rail car loading.