CompuWeigh provides a unique set of integrated products for the Ethanol Industry.




SmartTruck manages the whole process of receiving corn by truck as well as the load out of DDG and Ethanol when shipped by truck. The focus is on minimum headcount with a high level of security by:

  • using the latest Gen-2 RFID technology to quickly and accurately identify the trucks
  • outside display boards to guide the drivers through the process
  • video cameras to record both the truck and driver at key points along the process
  • outside ticket printers to maximize throughput by keeping the drivers in their trucks

For customers looking for additional security we offer:

  • electronic signature pads
  • electric eyes along the scale to ensure that trucks are properly located on the scale
  • PLC controlled entrance and exit gates
  • automatic RFID dispensers and collectors to ensure all tags are accounted for

Bulk Weigh Scales


CompuWeigh is the largest supplier of bulk scales to the grain industry. We provide a full range of hopper scales from 3,500 bu./hr to 120,000 bu./hr (100 TPH to 4,000 TPH).

We provide:

  • corn receiving bulk scales
  • DDG shipping scales with 60 degree slopes to ensure excellent flow, and
  • In-process scales to weigh the crushed corn to provide accurate yield analysis

Bulk Scale Controllers


The DWC-400 process scale controller offers advanced electronic weighing technology at an affordable price. The DWC-400 comes completely preprogrammed for fully interlocked draft weighing for hopper control applications. Choose the DWC-400 controller when fast, reliable and user friendly equipment is required for your operation.


Most of our customers upgrade to the GMS-400. This system uses the DWC-400 controller with our industrial computer which provides full Windows XP capabilities. The GMS-400 can provide full accounting interface, RF identification of rail cars, inventory and yield management.


For the most demanding bulk weigh applications we provide our top of the line GMS-4000. This control system, with its predecessors, continues to weigh the majority of all the grain processed in the U.S. It is the most accurate and sophisticated controller on the market, with full built in troubleshooting capabilities.


CompuWeigh is unique in its ability to combine equipment control and scale control on the same computers. This reduces initial cost, ongoing maintenance and takes up less space.

Plant Automation

CompuWeigh is able to automate the physical equipment at the facility to ensure all equipment is working properly and product is being delivered to the correct bins and that production is achieving the desired yield. We have standardized on Wonderware (the leading HMI program in the U.S.) for the front-end control and Allen Bradley ControlLogix for PLC control.

Hazard Monitoring

CompuWeigh’s SmartWatch hazard monitoring system is a digital system that eliminates spurious alarms so common with the industry standard analog devices. Its modular network design significantly reduces installation time by eliminating all the home-run wiring required in a conventional system

Gate Control

CompuWeigh’s SmartGate provides very accurate gate control on bin bottoms to ensure consistent flow and accurate inventory. Gates are self adjusting and like SmartWatch the system runs on a Cat5 network significantly reducing installation costs.