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National Conference on Weights and Measures
15245 Shady Grove Road, Suite 130, Rockville, MD 20850

Certificate Number: 96-036
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National Type Evaluation Program
Certificate of Conformance
for Weighing and Measuring Devices

Hopper Scale Weighing/Load Receiving Element
Load Cell Electronic
Model: PHS – 2.5
nmax: 2000
Capacity: 200 lb x 0.1 lb
Submitted by:
CompuWeigh Corporation
150 Commerce Court
Cheshire, CT 06410
Tel: (203) 699-9000
Fax: (203) 699-9488
Contact: Mr. Harold Ecke

Standard Features and Options

2.5 cu/ft. stainless steel weigh hopper suspended from three (3) S-type load cells.

Load cells used: HBM Model RSC – 200 25555
(Certificate of Conformance No. 91-031) or metrologically equivalent load cell
Class III
vmin : 0.025 lb
nmax : 3000

Temperature Range: -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F)

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This device was evaluated under the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) and was found to comply with the applicable technical requirements of Handbook 44, “Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices.” Evaluation results and device characteristics necessary for inspection and use in commerce are on the following pages.

Effective Date: March 18, 1996


Louis E. Straub
Chairman, NCWM, Inc.

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G. Weston Diggs
Chairman, National Type Evaluation Program Committee
Issue date: May 22, 1996

Note: The National Conference on Weights and Measures does not “approve”,”recommend”, or “endorse” any proprietary product or material, either as a single item or as a class or group. Results shall not be used in advertising or sales promotion to indicate explicit or implicit endorsement of the product or material by the NCWM.

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Certificate Number: 96-036
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CompuWeigh Corporation
Bulk Weighing System/Weighing Element
Model: CWC Series

Weigh hopper for continuous bulk weighing system for grain or other free flowing granular material.

The identification badge is permanently glued to the side of the weight hopper.

All calibration parameters may be sealed at the indicating element. There are no adjustable components in the load cell junction box, however, it may be sealed with a wire security seal threaded through two drilled head cover screws on opposite corners.

Test Conditions:
The emphasis of the evaluation was on the design and performance of the weigh hopper. The Model PHS – 2.5 weighing/load receiving element was interfaced with a Condec Consolidated Controls Model UMC 600-42 indicator ( CC No. 88 – 066 ) and a CompuWeigh controller model CompuDraft Series 2000 ( CC No. 88 -185 ). Several increasing/decreasing load, discrimination, and return to zero tests were conducted to capacity using 250 lb of known test weights and direct substitutions. The device was sealed and similar tests were repeated after the required number of days and weighments. All test were within the requirements of NIST Publication 14.

The result of the evaluation indicates the device complies with applicable requirements.

Type Evaluation Criteria Used: NIST Handbook 44, 1996 Edition

Tested By: Richard Suiter (NE) and Tim Engelland (NE)